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The Form Movement


TFM runs a combination of free community inclusion events, as well as specialised day programs, workshops and retreats. Please find our current events and programs below.



The Form Movement

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Events from this organizer

Respite Retreat: Huskisson

Embark on a specially curated two-day respite trip in the idyllic coastal retreat of Huskisson. Nestled beside the serene Jervis …

School Holidays: Amazing Race

Get Ready for a day full of adventure with real world challenges to experience with your friends during these school …

School Holidays: Goulburn Camp

Join us on our adventurous 2-day Goulburn Camp! Nestled in a tranquil farm landscape, this inclusive retreat trip guarantees a …

Vivid Sydney Night Experience

Dive into the vibrant heart of Sydney at night during Vivid 2024. Immerse yourself in the illuminated cityscape during the …

Pyjama Party + Movies

Get warm and cosy in your favourite Pyjamas or clothing. Bring snacks and whatever is going to create the best …

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