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Mick Moretti

Mick MorettiOperations + Digital Marketing + Support Work

An invaluable member of The Form Movement for the past four years, Mick brings a strong skill set and associated qualifications to the team and is a popular mentor figure amongst our participants.

Holding a Master’s Degree in Design Science (Digital Media) and a Diploma in Information Technology, Mick has a strong background in game design, both in the Gaming Industry and the field of Education and Training. 

Also a career wrestler, Mick has spent the past 15 years as a successful, spandex clad, professional wrestler! His love of the sport, dedication to training and creative showmanship skills are a testament to Mick’s physical capabilities, self-motivation and humorous nature. These attributes, coupled with Mick’s varied experience in support work, make him a highly regarded member of The Form Movement, in particular with participants who have targeted interests or technology skills they wish to develop.

When Mick’s not working with participants, you’ll find him applying his creative skills in our Marketing Department. Here, his flair for graphic design is utilised and he keeps The Form Movement community well informed via our social media platform.


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