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Certainly, we would love everyone to be able to participate in our programs, no matter the challenges they face. We are able to adjust and create levels of difficulty and support low self-esteem or challenges with self expression, communication and social skills. We can also adjust and tailor our offerings to smaller-sized groups or run individual components with the goal of progressing further down the track. 

TFM programs are completely adjustable and we are happy to be flexible to meet your needs. If we get feedback that certain elements work particularly well, we can focus on these areas. If there are parts that are not working for you and that you would wish to be optimised, it is important for our continuous improvement and the success of our vision to listen to your feedback and make the necessary changes (within reasonable bounds). We always welcome suggestions and ideas to improve our services and the way we work with you. Please feel free to approach us directly or let us know via our quarterly feedback forms. 

Yes, we understand the level of trust involved in working with vulnerable groups of people. We have a policy of a free initial consultation and session to see if the participant and team member will work well together. 

Please note: for therapy-based services, we cannot offer a free session due to the costs involved. However, we are happy to provide a free consultation and overview.

Our services have different pricing for each type of support and can be influenced by things such as time of the day, weekends, etc. Please see our NDIS price guide with a summary of the most common service categories used by TFM. 

Not all types of support required by a person living with a disability fall under the responsibility of the NDIS. In general, the NDIS will fund reasonable and necessary supports that help a person living with a disability enjoy an ordinary life. 

These supports and services fall into three categories:

  • Core
  • Capital
  • Capacity-building.

For more information, please visit the NDIS official website.

Yes, TFM is able to be paid privately or through NDIS funding under all plans (agency-managed, plan-managed or self-managed).

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