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Mohammad Judeh

Mohammad JudehSocial Engagement + Support Work

The most recent addition to our team, Mohammad is affectionately referred to as “The Gentle Giant” by The Form Movement family. Respectful and quietly confident, Mohammad’s calm demeanor is a soothing influence for many of our participant’s and a welcome presence in the workplace.

Prior to his appointment at The Form Movement, Mohammad worked as a Marine Fire & Rescue Specialist with the Singapore Civil Defence Force. No wonder the man can remain calm under pressure! 

Now having returned to Sydney, Mohammad is completing his Engineering degree and is a valued member of The Form Movement team.

From a young age, Mohammad has been exposed to disability and the associated challenges and triumphs connected with care, support, education, and inclusivity. He possesses both understanding and experience in assessing individuals’ needs and the different approaches required to successfully enhance individuals’ self-development.



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