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Samuel Walker

Samuel WalkerCEO + Innovator

Sam is the founder and creative mastermind behind The Form Movement. A passionate business owner who prioritises his clients and their families, Sam values connection and is ever vigilant in his development of meaningful relationships within the community he has created.

With a background in support work, community services, training and assessing, personal training, and coaching, Sam’s diverse skills and experience in the caring and self-development of others combine to create The Form Movement’s founding principles and holistic programs.

Sam’s love of physical movement and passion for outdoor education, coupled with his boundless energy and contagious enthusiasm, help to inspire, motivate and challenge. Within The Form Movement community, it is well known that adventure, fun and accomplishment are always on the cards with Sam!

As The Form Movement continues to grow, Sam believes that fostering the individual needs of participants in an inclusive and supportive environment, will lead to an ever growing community space where positive change for individuals, their families and the wider community, is achievable.


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